Behind The Shine 7/14/23

    Get ready for the latest updates on loan rates that will empower you to make informed decisions in the dynamic world of real estate financing.

    No matter if you’re a homeowner, a first-time buyer, or a savvy real estate investor, staying up-to-date with current loan rates is essential. In this week’s update, we turn our focus to rates specifically tailored for primary residences in California, featuring a 20% down payment and a 30-year fixed term. Are you ready to dive into the details? Let’s explore the rates for conventional, FHA, VA, and DSCR Investment loans, providing you with the insights you need to navigate the financing landscape effectively.

    Conventional: 7.250%

    FHA: 6.490%

    VA: 6.490%

    DSCR Investment: 8.375%

    If you’re in the market for a loan and need assistance, our team at The One Brokerage is here to help. Visit our website here to explore our loan options and find the right financing solution for your real estate goals.

    Escape to paradise and embark on an extraordinary real estate retreat in sunny Florida this July! Join me for an experience like no other, where you’ll have the opportunity to ignite your passion for real estate and elevate your investing game.

    As a seasoned industry expert and bestselling author, I’m thrilled to personally guide you through exclusive sessions packed with insider knowledge, proven techniques, and invaluable insights that will supercharge your real estate success. This retreat is specifically designed to push your investment strategies to new heights and provide you with a powerful network of like-minded investors.

    Get ready to connect, learn, and be inspired by the best in the industry while surrounded by fellow real estate enthusiasts. Spots for this incredible retreat are filling up fast, so don’t hesitate! Secure your place now and reserve your spot in paradise. This is an extraordinary opportunity to shape your real estate future.

    Spots are filling up fast so make sure to secure yours!

    When analyzing properties, it’s important to explore ways to increase square footage or what I like to call “forcing cash flow.” 

    This involves adding additional units that can be rented out, transforming the deal into a profitable venture. Many properties may not appear favorable initially, but by converting space into a second unit and generating an extra $1,800 a month in rent, the numbers can align quite well. 

    To succeed in real estate, you need to view properties through a different lens, seeing their potential as investment assets rather than solely focusing on their current condition and price.

    Once you’ve explored methods for forcing equity, you can then shift your attention to acquiring equity and securing better pricing. By combining these strategies, deals that initially seem mediocre can transform into attractive opportunities if you excel in multiple areas. 

    Remember, if the process feels challenging, rest assured that it’s part of the norm. Keep pushing forward and don’t hesitate to seek guidance along the way.

    Welcome to the Spartan League, where real estate investors come together to level up their game and unlock their full potential.

    As a member of this dynamic community, you’ll join a dedicated group of individuals driven by the desire to achieve financial freedom through the power of real estate. Prepare yourself for an immersive experience that goes beyond the ordinary, offering game-changing resources, expert guidance, and unwavering support from a network of like-minded individuals.

    Whether you’re an experienced investor looking to amplify your results or a newcomer eager to learn from the best, the Spartan League is your gateway to personalized coaching, tailored strategies, and invaluable insider insights that will transform your approach to real estate investing. 

    Embrace the Spartan spirit, connect with fellow warriors, and embark on a transformative journey towards lasting success with the Spartan League. Together, we conquer new horizons in the world of real estate.

    Check out this clip from one of our mastermind calls where we had one of our colleagues, Reilly Pilgrim give our members tips for social media and even guided one of our members on how to make a reel.

    In the journey of real estate investing, amidst all the variables and uncertainties, there is one constant that defines your path to success: your unwavering commitment to giving your best every single day. 

    Success is not solely determined by what you buy, where you invest, or how well your properties perform. It is built upon your daily efforts, dedication, and the focus you bring to your craft.

    Embrace the power of now. Harness your commitment to excellence, allowing it to guide your actions, shape your mindset, and propel you forward. With each passing day, you have the opportunity to make progress, learn, adapt, and inch closer to your goals.

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