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    Behind The Shine 6/23/23

    Let's dive into coastal markets like California and the Pacific Northwest. It's interesting how one buyer's decision can trigger a domino effect. When interest...

    How Is The Russia-Ukraine Conflict Impacting Real Estate?

    Times have been tense the past week with Russia's invasion of Ukraine. The direct impact for those in Ukraine has been devastating and ripples...

    What’s The Newest Stats for Sacramento, CA?

    Let's zoom in on a specific market-- Sacramento, CA. The David Greene Team helps investors in this area so it's one we have a...

    Real Estate is Booming in the Metaverse!

    Everyone's asking right now - is the real estate market going to crash? Well, first you have to ask yourself - what is Decentraland?  Decentraland...

    Using the BRRRR Strategy to Build Wealth

    Click here to listen to David's new podcast!!

    GSD Interview with Joshua Smith


    How to Find Opportunities Hiding in Crappy Situations with David Greene

    David Greene shares how you can identify valuable opportunities in any situation you find yourself in–even the crappy ones. You’ll Learn: How difficulties often indicate...

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