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    The housing sector soared to new heights in 2023, as median home prices hit an all-time high of $389,800 last year. Despite the skyrocketing mortgage rates, housing demand remained robust in 2023, making the real estate sector one of the best-performing alternative investment markets. This trend will likely continue in 2024 as mortgage rates are expected to decline, as the Federal Reserve is poised to lower the benchmark interest rates in the upcoming months. While real estate investment trusts (REITs) are typically preferred by investors seeking to diversify their portfolios to include real estate and generate passive income, the private real estate market is also a rewarding alternative. REITs are investment vehicles that own, operate or finance income-generating real estate across various sectors, such as residential, commercial and industrial. Traded on stock exchanges, one of the key advantages of REITs is their ability to provide liquidity and diversification to investors, allowing them to gain exposure to real estate without the need for direct property ownership. REITs distribute at least 90% of their taxable income to shareholders through dividends.

    ​This article​ highlights the differences between REITs and owning RE yourself. Historically, the main differences have been a REIT is passive while owning it yourself is active. Want to learn more about how to make money yourself in RE? Email and ask for a free PDF!

    Succeeding as a Real Estate Agent in Summer 2024with David Greene

    If you find value in Seeing Greene this week, you’ll find WAY MORE VALUE in my next FREE WEBINAR.​ This one’s about the number of challenges agents agents are facing in 2024, and how to overcome them to continue seeing growth in your portfolio. Grab your friends and meet me on May 9th!

    The Agent Accelerator Course is a 7-week course that teaches new and experienced real estate agents how to thrive in today’s real estate market. David and his team have closed more than $300 Million since 2021 and his secrets, tools and more are shared only in this course.


    Taking the accelerator course with Lindsey was one of the best decisions I made, she focused not only on practical strategies but also on cultivating a winning mindset. This has been invaluable for me in overcoming challenges and staying motivated. The scripts are gold! Whether it’s handling objections, prospecting, or closing deals, her scripts have given me the confidence to communicate effectively with clients and improve my personal relationships as well. I can’t wait for the next one! :)Thank you all for putting this course together!!” -Lilly Cooney; Compass  

    Our next accelerator course begins on May 13th. ​CLICK HERE​ to sign up or learn more!

    A section from my next book, the financial fortress playbook.

    A strong financial fortress depends on multiple points of defense. If the enemy is able to approach the fortress walls, there are archers to shoot them down. If they make it past the archers, there’s a braced gate and strong walls to stop them from entering. If they can make it past the gate, there are swordsmen waiting to engage-and so on and so forth. You want to build your financial life with these same principles.

    Cash flow won’t make you rich. It’s often described as doing so, but that’s inaccurate. Consider an investor who buys a cash flowing property with a 20% return, a $300,000 purchase price, and a down payment of $60,000.

    A property that cash flows 20% on a $60,000 investment will bring in $12,000 a year-$60,000 over five years. A 20% cash on cash return is a pretty amazing result, but even with a return this incredible, $60,000 isn’t going to change anyone’s life. If you wait thirty years, this would become $360,000. A good number, but not life changing. Chasing cash flow for wealth building is inefficient.

    Equity growth, on the other hand, is very different. That same $300,000 property would be paid off in thirty years. It would likely have appreciated five to seven times over, making it worth 1.5-2.1 million dollars. This is a life changing number. Equity builds wealth. But it takes time for that growth to happen. That means you have to avoid foreclosure and ensure your payments get made each month.

    Spartan League is a RE university for those with five properties or less. We teach our members how to build wealth that lasts and protect what they have. To learn more about it, email me at

    Over 556,000 single-family homes were for sale nationwide last Friday, up 31.9% from the previous year, continuing a 24-week streak of increases. However, this growth hasn’t flooded agents and brokers with listings, as inventory remains below pre-Covid levels. Professionals in the housing industry are still competing for limited listings, needing significant growth to reach 2019 levels. Moreover, the increase in listings is mainly seen in Texas and Florida, with other states not experiencing the same level of growth. Read the full article HERE.

    Conventional: 7.875%

    VA: 6.875%

    FHA: 6.990%

    DSCR: 7.875%

    If you’re in the market for a loan and need assistance, our team at The One Brokerage is here to help. ​​​Visit our website here​​​ to explore our loan options and find the right financing solution for your real estate goals and email us at ​​ to speak to one of our loan officers.

    Investing in 2024 is not the same as it has been in the last few years. A lot of people have decided to throw in the towel because of the difficulties we’ve been seeing recently. Between rising interest rates, inflation, limited supply, and an overall struggling economy investing is not for the faint of heart. If this sounds like what you’ve been feeling check out Spartan League. Our members rise to the occasion and do not shy away from difficult markets. They run towards it instead of away from it. If you’re interested in learning how you can join our community of Spartans and continue on the path towards ​building a financial fortress​ in this economy, ​join us on May 17th​ where I’ll explain what’s different and how to adapt. You can also email to get connected.

    Many real estate flippers mistakenly believe that hiring a good Realtor will cost them money instead of making them money. In one case, new flippers trusted Lindsey from David’s Southern California Real Estate team to help sell their first flip, but due to delays and unexpected costs, their net profit was severely reduced. Lindsey and her team worked to effectively list and market the home, ultimately negotiating an offer that was $30,000 higher than the initial offer and convincing the buyer to remove their inspection contingency, resulting in an additional $30,000 in the investors’ pockets. This highlights the importance of hiring the right agent to maximize ROI, as demonstrated by these new investors’ successful sale. Let us help you do the same! You can email us at

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