Behind The Shine | 05/27/2022

    Behind The Shine 05/27/2022

    I’ve shared the initial steps of buying a rental property- Step 1 Determining Your Criteria, Step 2 Define Your Viewpoint, Step 3 Meet Weekly, Step 4 Delegate Tasks, Step 5 Communicate Regularly, Step 6 Receive Info From Your Realtor, and Step 7  Communicate Your Needs to Your Realtor. Let’s dive right into Step 8 and 9!

    Let’s continue with Step 8 and 9 – Writing an Offer and Offer Strategies

    Step 8 Writing an Offer

    Here are some things that Rob and I took into consideration while writing the offer on our Scottsdale mansion! Seeing that it had been on the market for 6 months, we felt comfortable coming in with an offer 150k under list price. We made sure to come up with a creative offer that benefited us but also was attractive enough for the seller to bite. For instance, instead of writing an incredibly low offer, we asked for seller credits while in contract. The second thing we asked for was for all furnishings to be included, which saved us thousands of dollars.

    Some examples and explanations for our offer:

    • Negotiated 75k in seller credit to be applied toward closing costs
    • Asked all furnshings to be included 
    • We were able to buydown the rate with the 75k seller credit that we received

    Step 9 Offer Strategies 

    Initially, the sellers weren’t convinced on our offer. But despite the sellers concerns, the lisiting agent continued to ask them what it would take for them to accept our offer.

    Following the sellers initial reaction, Rob and I made sure to keep constant communication with the agent so we can do what was needed to get this offer accepted.

    I am super excited to announce the release of my new book SKILL! The first book in the series, SOLD, explained how to become a real estate agent. In SKILL, you’ll learn to hone in on your skills and set the foundation for becoming a top producer! This book will provide you with the process, knowledge, and scripts you need to become a top producer and dominate your local market. The book and any bonus content will be available on June 2, 2022, click here to preorder! 

    Think Like a CEO, podcast by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

    Think Like a CEO

    As some of you may know, I have been with Keller Williams since the beginning my Real Estate journey. Gary Keller, the founder of Keller Williams, has been a huge mentor for me and my business. Gary works closely with Jay Papasan, a fellow business executor and Author. 

    Listening to their podcast, Think Like a CEO, is one of my favorite pastimes! Think Like A CEO, touches on developing business strategies, life lessons and how to build a team with the right people. Above all, Gary and Jay have found a lot of success in their business and when I listen to their podcast I always learn something new. I highly recommend you check out their podcast! 

    What’s happening in the housing market right now?

    In this weeks video I’ll be addressing some of your most asked questions about todays market conditons. To learn more about how to make todays market work for you, check out my new video here!

    In this article, we will discuss economists’ predictions of the US heading into a recession and what this could mean for potential homebuyers. Despite what many homebuyers think the chances of home prices dropping due to a recession aren’t as high as you may think. In short, a recession does not always cause the to market crash.

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