Behind The Shine 10/21/22

    What is The David Greene Mastermind?

    The David Greene Mastermind exists to give people working a W-2 job the strategies and resources they need to build a Financial Fortress that protects and ensures their financial future.

    Real Estate Investing serves as the foundation of the fortress, but that’s just the beginning…

    If any of the following are true, this Mastermind is for you. 

    If you have a 9-5 job and…

    • you’re looking to create lasting wealth.
    • you want to have more options.
    • ​you’d like to earn supplemental income.
    • you’re trying to create passive income.
    • ​you want to become an expert in real estate investing.
    • ​you’re willing to create a budget and be disciplined enough to stick to it.
    • ​you want to ensure your family’s financial future.
    • ​you’d like to stop trading time for money.

    If you want to build wealth…

    • in a way that ensures you keep it.
    • through multiple income streams.
    • ​that taps into the power of leverage.
    • ​that harnesses the power of inflation that nobody can take from you.

    Here’s what one of the current members has to say

    “I joined the David Greene Mastermind shortly after I bought my first out of state rental, leaning on many of the principles David teaches in Long-Distance Real Estate Investing. As a newbie investor and W-2 earner, I felt immediately welcomed and encouraged by others who were just as driven, passionate, and eager to grow. Since joining the mastermind, I’ve gained knowledge from the vast array of speakers, friendships through small group and one-on-one interactions, and confidence to scale in real estate. The transparent discussions, coaching, and accountability created in the Mastermind will help you create a firm financial foundation that is critical to building financial independence, passive income, or excelling in business.” -Jason Wolohan

    Don’t forget to set a reminder in your phone that I’ll be on YouTube LIVE, tonight at 5pm PST! Come join and ask me questions!

    People are always trying to hit a home run in one pitch.

    They’re waiting for this unicorn of a deal that they heard someone talk about on a show that very rarely ever comes around and they spend six years hoping that the perfect deal comes around, but nothing does.

    And they’ve lost six years of loan pay down, six years of rent growth, six years of equity.

    It’s terrible.

    One of my philosophies for building wealth is that you don’t look for home runs.

    You’re just trying to get a good pitch to get a hit.

    And every once in a while, the pitcher leaves one out there, they make a mistake and that becomes the home run.

    I look at real estate very similarly.

    You can’t go force a home run deal.

    You can’t go make a seller sell you a house at a super good price.

    What you can do is look for a lot of base hits in the same deal.

    And that’s how I put my portfolio together.

    I am a huge proponent of pursuing excellence in your life, specifically your vocation.

    I think so many more people would be happier if they woke up every day and lived it like it was the last day of tryouts and they were trying to not get cut.

    Part of being excellent is giving your best every single day, and it’s looking to always improve, which is something that we at the David Greene team and The One Brokerage are always harping on.

    So my question to you…

    What are you doing to make your own life better?

    What are you doing to be more useful or helpful to other people around you?

    What are you doing to improve your own future?

    Are you on cruise control hoping something happens to change in your life, or are you proactively looking to get better every day like we are?

    Hopefully, you’re getting better every day, but if not, that’s the question to ask yourself every day when you’re showering.

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