Behind The Shine 11/11/2022

    How do you look at money?

    I strongly urge you to reconsider the way you look at money.

    Your relationship with money will have a big impact on the decisions you make for things surrounding it.

    You go to work every day.

    You’re probably working a minimum of eight hours, plus a commute.

    Money already takes up a huge part of your life and you can’t avoid it.

    We don’t want to become a slave to money.

    We don’t want to worship money, but we also don’t want to ignore the impact that it has on the quality of our lives.

    If you’re spending this much time at work, understand what you’re working for and how to make it work for you because if you can improve the situation of your money life, you can improve the situation of the quality of your life.

    Don’t forget to set a reminder in your phone that I’ll be on YouTube LIVE, tonight at 5pm PST! This week, we have a guest speaker, Diego Corzo, joining us. We’ll be discussing whether millennials should be bothering with buying real estate in today’s market. Come join us and ask questions!

    On November 16th at 5 PM PST, I’ll be hosting a FREE webinar. This webinar will be a debrief of BPCon.

    So if you weren’t able to make it live to BPCon, make sure to attend this free webinar! I’ll be talking about house hacking, what to do in today’s market, and more.

    Something that we often see is people spend all the money they receive from their job and then they have nothing to spend on investments.  

    Here’s the key to getting to the investment portion so you can actually start building wealth…

    1. Spend money on investments.

    2. The investments create income.

    3. The income from your investments is what you spend on the things you like.

    But how do you know whether or not you’re making the right investments? Especially when there’s so much information out there. 

    It’s easy to get stuck in analysis paralysis and this is the reason so many investors never get to where they want to be.

    This is what The David Greene Mastermind is here for. 

    The David Greene Mastermind exists to give people working a W-2 job the strategies and resources they need to build a Financial Fortress that protects and ensures their financial future. Real Estate Investing serves as the foundation of the fortress, but that’s just the beginning…

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