Behind The Shine 11/18/22

    Do you have FOMO because you didn’t get to attend BPCon this year? 

    If so, don’t worry – I just posted a BPCon recap on my YouTube channel. 

    You’ll get to hear some of the information that was shared in San Diego!

    As a human, there’s an element in you that is powerful, brilliant, and genius.

    It’s a lion.

    We all have that. Most of the time, my lion doesn’t come out unless I’m threatened. Unless I’m hungry.

    When my life is comfortable, I don’t really function like the lion.

    When my life is uncomfortable, a different side of David comes out.

    If you have the desire to buy more homes, let that be the carrot that motivates you to work harder, take more opportunities, get another job, start a side hustle, start another business, and improve the way that you add value to the employer that you have.

    Do something to try harder.

    It’s time to level up.

    It’s time to get over whatever insecurities, fears, worries, and concerns that all of us carry around every day that keeps us from moving forward.

    I know that it’s hard and it’s scary. That’s why you need the carrot.

    We’re hiring a Property Manager for Greene Capital!

    Looking for someone with extensive short-term rental experience that is able to manage properties throughout multiple states.

    The ideal candidate will be able to help increase booking efficiency and management to drive top-line revenue.

    This person will also oversee logistics like cleaning, client concierge, and keeping properties stocked.

    There isn’t an easy way to build sustainable wealth.

    There’s no strategy that helps you avoid the grind.

    We saw this with the people trying to do this with NFTs. We saw the 23-year-old who became a millionaire with crypto.

    We all know these people that lost all their money in these “get-rich-quick” schemes.

    The truth is – to build long-lasting sustainable wealth, it takes time, effort, and discipline.

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