Behind The Shine 1/20/23

    Here’s my advice to most people…

    In general, put your focus on saving your money.

    Put your focus on paying off your high-interest-rate debt.

    Put your focus on getting your own financial house in order.

    Still buy properties when you find them but instead of just analyzing deals, take more time to analyze your budget.

    Ask yourself…

    • Where is my money going?
    • Have I been spending money frivolously for the last five years because it was coming in easy?
    • And if it doesn’t come in easy, am I going to be in trouble?
    • Do I have four gym memberships that I don’t need?
    • Am I on Netflix or do I have a cable bill that’s $250 a month and I don’t even watch the TV?
    • Do you know where your money is going?

    If you can’t make real estate work, still build wealth through the other tools you have available to you. 

    Don’t forget to set a reminder in your phone that I’ll be on YouTube live tonight at 5 PM PST with Kyle to talk about how to break the debt cycle, protect your finances, and grow your wealth.

    Come join and ask us questions!

    Despite fears that home sales will keep sinking in 2023, mortgage applications rose sharply last week.

    Mortgage applications for the week ending Jan. 13, 2023, rose a whopping 27.9% from the prior week, according to data released Wednesday by the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA). The uptick was due to a combination of falling mortgage rates and the normal post-holiday rise in applications.

    What does this mean for the market right now? Read the article here.

    Are you interested in joining a league of like-minded people committed to saving money and developing financial independence? Keep an eye out for David’s next educational product, the Spartan League. “Text ‘Sparta’ to 59559 for more info.”

    Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by choice.

    What are your goals? 

    Can you put a clear plan in place? 

    Can you take action on that plan to make 2023 different and better than 2022 was?

    If you want 2023 your best year, I have exciting news for you…

    In March, I’ll be hosting a retreat in Scottsdale to help you create a plan to accomplish your goals, scale your business, and protect your wealth.

    Through immersive training, expert insights, and valuable networking opportunities, you’ll gain the knowledge and support you need to have your best year ever. 

    This isn’t just about buying a property, it’s about creating a life you love and making progress you never have before.

    Tickets will go on sale very soon so make sure you stay tuned on my Instagram to purchase!

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