Behind The Shine | 1/21/2022

    Behind The Shine | 1/21/2022

    My TedX Talk, “How To Succeed At Doing Anything” is now LIVE on YouTube!  This was a great opportunity and I was humbled by the opportunity to share this message with others.  If you’re going into 2022, wondering how you’ll be able to accomplish all your goals, then this talk might be for you.

    If you haven’t heard the news… 

    Brandon Turner left the Bigger Pockets podcast!

    There’s been some scathing rumors (okay, maybe not) that Brandon and I have been beefing with one another.  

    Well, I decided settle the argument once and for all in this most recent YouTube video.

    Based on ever present inflation, shortage in the housing supply, and fears we are near the top of the market, I’m currently focusing on:

    • Buying in well established, more affluent neighborhoods
    • Borrowing as much healthy debt as possible
    • Partnering with experienced operators to displace capital

    Here’s why—

    When a market softens, the best properties are affected the least. This leads me to buying in the best areas when a market is strong, and buying in less desirable properties after a crash/dip. This flies in the face of the feeling that lower price points represent less risk. (Which rarely turns out to be the case).  

    As inflation ramps up (I predicted this over a year ago on the BP podcast, go check it out!), owing money at interest rates less than inflation makes debt an asset. I don’t take out debt if the asset doesn’t pay me, but when rates are low like this, borrowing money represents less risk than when rates are higher.  

    I’m currently looking for those with experience buying assets who need help with capital raising. If that’s you, let me know!

    Have you heard that there’s been a recent land grab in the metaverse? That’s right, investors are now paying real money for virtual real estate!

    Prices for some plots of “virtual land” have appreciated more than 500% since Facebook’s most recent announcement about going all-in on virtual.

    Click here to learn a little bit more about buying land in the metaverse!

    As more money is printed, our understanding of it’s value needs to change. We all make decisions based off of a baseline understanding of how something works. We marry someone we have a baseline understanding are a good person. We buy things we believe have a baseline value they provide to us.

    • Debt can be an asset in a high inflationary environment
    • Today’s interest rates are lower than the current rate of inflation
    • Real estate is the best inflation hedge we know about
    • Money in the bank is losing money every day
    • We are here for a free consultation, if you’d like!

    Our good friends, and clients, Rebekah and Lyndsey, made some big moves recently which is going to catapult their real estate investing career (and create generational wealth!).  It didn’t come without it’s struggles, but Rebekah and Lyndsey were able to stay the course and pick an awesome winner. 

    Check out the full story here for details!

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