Behind The Shine 12/16/22

    Inflation slows to 7.1% for November, another sign the economy is cooling off.

    Compared to October, the inflation rate fell from 7.7%. It’s the second consecutive month it has fallen. Read more in this article.

    Let’s talk about the freedom real estate investing brings as opposed to being at a W2 job…

    Should everyone keep every W2 job they have? No. Is it good to have the goal to replace enough income so that you can quit your job when you want to? Yes. 

    But what we’re talking about here is freedom

    The freedom to quit if you want to quit and the freedom to do work in different areas. 

    And the point here isn’t that you need to quit your job to go build that freedom. The point is that working your job can speed up the process with which you get to freedom.

    My personal opinion is that what really matters is what you’re spending your money on. If you don’t love your job, you should be saving money more than everyone else. 

    The next book I’m working on for BiggerPockets is a lot about this – what do you do with your money and what does that say about you? 

    If you love your job and you want to work there every day, I can understand why you might not save money as much because you have no goal that you’re saving towards. 

    But for everyone reading this that doesn’t love their W2, use that as an incentive to save even more, to live beneath your means so that you can get enough money that you invest that you can eventually change that scenario. 

    Tonight at 5 PM PST, Kyle and I are joined by Schuyler Williamson to talk about the BIGGEST real estate investing opportunity.

    Don’t forget to set a reminder in your phone to join us tonight at 5pm PST! Come join and ask us questions!

    Yeast tastes gross and probably isn’t that great for you to eat raw.

    But if you put yeast into bread, it makes the bread way better.

    Failure may be the yeast of life.

    You need some of it within the bigger picture to make your success better and make it even possible.

    But if all you have is failure all by itself, it sucks.

    Are you interested in joining a league of like minded people committed to saving money and developing financial independence? Keep an eye out for David’s next educational product, the Spartan League.

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