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    I hear people say, “I’m going to get married so that we stop fighting all the time in our relationship,” and I don’t know any married couples that fight less after they got married.

    You’re not going to stop having conflict when you get married, you’re just going to have a better, deeper relationship.

    For a long time in the real estate community, we have told people that you can make money through real estate and you don’t need to have a job. 

    And for a long time that was true. There wasn’t as much competition for these assets. It was actually a feasible thing to get into.

    And I’m not saying you can’t do it. There’s always a way that it can be done.

    But it is incredibly more difficult to do now than it ever was before. 

    Even if someone handed you a house for free and said, “Here you go, you don’t have to pay anything,” you still need money because things break with that house, tenants leave, and there are expenses associated with real estate that you need money.

    So I think it’s a healthier overall financial picture, especially when you’re getting started, to look for ways to make more money – maybe start a business or do some stuff within the world of real estate.

    Existing-home sales fell for the twelfth straight month in January, with year-over-year sales falling 37%, the biggest decline since 2010, according to a report released Tuesday by National Association of Realtors. Read how this is affecting today’s market in this article here. 

    A lot of people will say, “I need to find a mentor. I need to find a person who’s going to help me with this.” 

    And they just look for a random stranger who they don’t know and they have nothing in common with, and they try to force a relationship.

    The better alternative is to join a mastermind or make friends at a meetup or something so that now you don’t have to go ask them to be your mentor. 

    There’s a connection that you already have that makes them want to share what they’re doing.

    You get a lot of the benefits of that relationship much easier. 

    Are you interested in joining a league of like-minded people committed to saving money and developing financial independence? Keep an eye out for David’s next educational product, the Spartan League. “Text ‘Spartan’ to 59559 for more info.”

    There is no strategy, mastermind, group, or book that brings real estate and places it on your table, and says, “here you go, a cash-selling property at 70% of ARV, all for you because you took a course.”

    You still need to go out there and put in the work to get what you want.

    The strategies that I talk about are ways that you can go and do that, but every one of them will always have that in common.

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