Behind The Shine 4/8/2022

    Behind The Shine 4/8/2022

    By now you’ve probably seen Rob and I on the BiggerPockets Podcast but now he’s in my latest YouTube video too! You’ll get a behind the scenes look at how things are really going, our first impressions, and projects we already have in the works. I’d love to know what you think of this video and if you’d like to see Rob in some of my upcoming videos too. Make sure to leave a comment letting me know what you think! Check out the full video here.

    Last week I announced my next meetup event will be held in the Sacramento area on April 20. I would absolutely love if you could make it. I’ll be sharing “What’s Working In NorCal In 2022?” where you’ll learn about the quickly evolving market, what strategies are working TODAY, the quickest ways to grow wealth, and what to expect in the coming months with real estate investing. Space is limited and this will be in person only. VIP tickets are available for a small, exclusive Q&A with me an hour before the event starts. Tickets are going quickly so be sure to secure yours today! I can’t wait to see you there.

    The David Greene Team Mastermind had a fantastic March. We had some amazing guest speakers and focused on helping our members take action toward their goals whether going after their first deal or scaling their portfolio. This month, we have a rock star line up of guest speakers. If you’re interested in becoming part of the mastermind, check it out here.

    Here’s what’s coming up in April!

    There’s several steps you’ll need to be aware of when buying a rental property. Over the next several weeks, I’ll be breaking these steps down for you.

    Let’s start with Step 1- Determine Your Criteria:

    • Asset class- single family, small multifamily, apartments, storage, etc.
    • Strategy- short-term, long-term, mid-term
    • Market- cash flow market or appreciation market
    • Price point- lower price points will likely have more competition but are usually more accessible for a beginning investor while higher price points will likely have less competition since the buyer pool is smaller
    • Your Time- Is this deal worth your time? Would a different deal be a better use of your time?
    • Partnership or Solo- Do you need a partner? If you share profits with a partner, is there enough profit once it’s split?

    Once you have your answers to each of these criteria, you’ll be ready to move on to step 2!

    Have you heard about the new bill in California that proposes taxing flippers 25%? Bill AB 1771 proposes taxing 25% of the profit for home flippers. Depending on the source, anywhere from 18-33% of recent home sales were purchased by investors. What’s interesting about this bill though is that it specifically focuses on taxing flippers rather than large institutional investors who are buying and holding which could be argued is also contributing to rising prices. I suggest you take a look at this article, Taxing Flippers 25% In California, that provides some interesting stats and dives deeper into the issue. I’d be curious to know what you think of the bill and the larger issue at hand?

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