Behind The Shine | 5/13/2022

    Behind The Shine 5/13/2022

    I’ve shared the initial steps of buying a rental propery- Step 1 Determining Your Criteria, Step 2 Define Your Viewpoint, Step 3 Meet Weekly, Step 4 Delegate Tasks, and Step 5 Communicate Regularly. Let’s dive right into Step 6!

    Let’s continue with Step 6 – Receive Info From Your Realtor

    • Don’t get too excited or emotionally connected to a property without talking to your realtor
    • First make sure the property can work for you, then talk with your realtor about your chances of being able to get the house into contract
    • You’ll want to check with your realtor to see how many offers the property has and what your offer would need to look like to be considered
    • Once you know what your offer needs to look like, run through your analysis again to be sure it works with your offer

    Once you have information from your agent, you’ll be ready to move on to step 7!

    I had the honor of being featured on CNN this week. I want to break down a few of the things I shared about with rate hikes:

    • We are expecting more rate hikes and knew this was coming
    • The supply demand issue is bigger than a rate hike can fix
    • There is still too much demand with buyers that rates will have some affect but not enough to curb the demand
    • We have a housing shortage contributing to the supply issue
    • Those that could barely afford to getting into the market a few months ago will be pushed out while those that have more wealth and equity in their existing properties will still be buying up real estate.

    I also share advice for first time home buyers and if real estate is the right asset class to invest in to combat inflation. Check out the full video here!

    I recently came across an article about the pros and cons of buying now. The article touched on several factors but one that stands out the most is related to interest rates. Interest rates are a hot topic right now and I’d love for you to read some additional factors to be aware of here!

    If you’ve been on the fence about house hacking, please check out this story from one of our wonderful clients! Tomas was able to secure a primary residence with the help of the David Greene Team to start building his wealth. Huge congrats to Tomas on taking action to accomplish his goals!

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