Behind The Shine 5/26/23

    Instead of constantly complaining about various aspects of our job, such as our boss, limited opportunities, or commuting hassles, let’s take a moment to shift our perspective.

    Sure, there may be a ceiling that restricts our growth, but let’s also appreciate the floor it provides—a steady paycheck that arrives every two weeks, even if our performance isn’t exceptional.

    Moreover, let’s recognize that our boss carries the burden of risk while we enjoy the security of a stable position. Perhaps it’s time to focus on earning our way to greater influence and more opportunities by excelling in our current roles before demanding more. By maximizing our potential with what we have now, we can pave the way for future growth and success.

    What if I told you that you could make your capital go further?

    Do you want to increase the velocity of your investing? Meaning do you want to make transactions happen more frequently? Do you want to reach your investing goals faster? Are you not wanting to need 50 years before you can save up enough money to buy enough real estate to become a millionaire?

    Well you can, by using the BRRRR method. BRRRR stands for buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat. And this is the order of operations when we’re buying a property.

    So first you buy a house, then you rehab it to make it worth more, then you find a tenant and rent it out to them to get cash flow. Then you refinance the property when it’s worth more than what you paid for it to get a lot of your capital back out. Then you take that capital and buy another property to repeat the process.

    What is Spartan League?

    Created by David Greene, the Spartan League is a community of elite individuals interested in real estate investing and finance. 

    Designed to create strategy, share knowledge, and build unbreakable camaraderie, it’s a call to arms for those ready to conquer their market, control their destructive impulses, and dominate the industry. 

    Join us now, and become part of a brotherhood of champions, just like the warriors of ancient Sparta. If you’re ready to take your real estate investing and finance game to the next level, sign up now and receive the tools of financial warfare to take your place amongst the financial elite.

    What Our Spartans Are Saying:

    “After a few failed investments, I felt lost and alone in the industry. But through the Mastermind, I found a community of like-minded investors willing to share their knowledge and experiences. Since joining, I’ve gained confidence, knowledge, and the ability to structure my portfolio like a fortress.

    Thanks to the teachings of David and his team, I’ve been able to add additional properties to my portfolio and feel secure in my investments. I owe a great deal of gratitude to the Spartan League for my tremendous growth in real estate.” – Jimmy W.

    In recent weeks, stronger-than-expected US inflation and increased consumer spending have sparked a global shift in expectations for interest rates. The Federal Reserve’s preferred inflation measure surpassed predictions in April, and US consumer spending experienced a rise, along with an unexpected increase in orders for durable goods.

    This shift has led investors to anticipate higher rates for a longer period to tackle rising prices. Short-term government debt yields in the US, UK, and eurozone have stopped declining and have begun to rise as market participants adjust their predictions. Futures markets now indicate a 37% chance of another interest rate increase by the Fed in June, whereas earlier expectations were leaning towards a rate cut.

    This article by Financial Times suggests that central banks may not be able to reverse their inflation-fighting rate hikes anytime soon.

    Get ready to ignite the second half of 2023 with unparalleled enthusiasm and success! Mark your calendars for July 26th – 30th because our highly anticipated retreat is just around the corner. Join me, my team, and a community of like-minded investors as we embark on a transformative journey to elevate your real estate business to new heights.

    During this immersive experience, you’ll gain access to proven strategies that will revolutionize your approach to real estate and cultivate habits that will yield long-lasting results. Through expert training, invaluable insights, and meaningful connections, you’ll acquire the knowledge and support necessary to make this your most remarkable year yet.

    This retreat is not solely about purchasing properties; it’s about designing a life you are passionate about and propelling yourself forward like never before. Don’t let this extraordinary opportunity slip away.

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