Behind The Shine 5/5/23

    It is absolutely better to buy a new home than it is to buy a resale home.

    In any market, they typically build homes in the most desirable areas first. So, after they are built on the best land, they then slowly go to inferior land as the construction develops. Location will always be the most important rule of real estate.

    The only thing that you cannot improve or change about a house is where it is.

    First Republic Bank has become the second-largest bank to fail in US history and was sold to JPMorgan Chase, marking the third bank failure in the US since March. The total assets of these failures have surpassed those of the 2008 bank failures during the Great Recession.

    The failure of First Republic Bank is linked to the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates in response to inflation, resulting in businesses closing, banks lending less money, and mass unemployment. Despite these bank failures and the impact of rising interest rates on the economy, the US government has chosen not to hold capitalists accountable. JPMorgan Chase’s acquisition of First Republic Bank illustrates how moments of crisis under capitalism often result in further monopolization.

    Read the full blog post here.

    What is Spartan League?

    Feared by their enemies and respected by all who faced them, the Spartans were an elite fighting force known for the protection of their comrades, fearless dedication to their goals, and commitment to excellence.

    Join us now, and become part of a brotherhood of champions, just like the warriors of ancient  Sparta. If you’re ready to take your real estate investing and finance game to the next level, sign up now and receive the tools of financial warfare to take your place amongst the financial elite.

    This is what a current member has to say about Spartan League…

    “Thanks to the leadership team and other Spartans, I have been able to gain a better grasp on my finances, increase my savings rate by an additional 7%, and strategize for my investments.

    With a strong financial foundation, I have confidently grown my real estate portfolio to five doors, helping me take leaps toward my goal of financial independence. I wholeheartedly credit my accomplishments to the collaborative environment provided by the online forumweekly meetings, and personal connections I have made through Spartan League.

    The mastermind has encouraged me to be more accountable and inspired me to improve myself in all aspects of my life.”

    Don’t forget to set a reminder in your phone that I’ll be on YouTube live tonight at 5 PM PST with Kyle. We’ll be talking about if the housing market is showing a risk for low-income homeowners.

    Come join and ask us questions!

    Inflation happens when there’s more money in circulation, but prices may not go up right away because people don’t know about the extra money.

    It’s like if more diamonds were produced, people might not realize it and keep buying at the same price. But eventually, as people catch on and start charging more, prices will rise. This is why inflation can be a slow process that takes time to build up.

    As prices keep going up, people may start pushing the limits to see how much they can get for their money. This can lead to a “free for all” where everyone tries to get the best deal possible. Ultimately, the value of money decreases when there’s too much of it in circulation, just like the value of diamonds decreases when there are too many of them.

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