Behind The Shine | 5/6/2022

    Behind The Shine 5/6/2022

    Last week I shared some industry predictions about increased demands with travel and short-term rentals in the coming months. This week, I wanted to share how travel stocks aren’t reflecting that same optimism. I’d love to know why you think these stocks aren’t showing the same upward trend. Check this out for all the details!

    If you’ve been following the news lately, you may have seen that many mortgage companies are laying off their employees. Our lending team, The One Brokerage, is doing just the opposite and in fact is having more demand than ever.

    Financing is one of the most important factors in making a deal happen and we’re looking for dedicated team players who can help our clients with their lending needs!

    If you know of anyone who has been laid off from their lending position, please encourage them to apply. We’re looking for experienced loan officers and processors.

    Apply here if you’re a rockstar looking to join a rockstar team! 

    I’ve shared the initial steps of buying a rental propery- Step 1 Determining Your Criteria, Step 2 Define Your Viewpoint, Step 3 Meet Weekly, and Step 4 Delegate Tasks. Let’s keep the momentum going and jump into Step 5.

    Let’s continue with Step 5 – Communicate Regularly

    • Communicate with your key players throughout the week for follow up
    • Decide what works best- texts, emails, phone calls, voice memos
    • Rather than waiting for your next weekly meeting, communicate throughout the week as questions come up
    • Have a plan in place for when everyone gets busy and communication is lacking. Do your key players prefer having you “bump” a previous text or email? Or do they prefer a follow up phone call? Figure out how everyone prefers to communicate.

    Once you have your communication dialed in, you’ll be ready to move on to step 6!

    You may have heard me talking about raising capital for my next deal, a 46 unit apartment complex in Fort Walton Beach, FL. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to invest in real estate with a more hands-off approach. Currently this opportunity is still open to accredited investors.

    If you know me, you know that I only invest in deals that I 100% believe in and this is one of those deals.

    If you’d like to invest with me, please visit and register. Looking forward to doing a deal with YOU!

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