Behind the Shine 7/29/22

    Over the last year, we’ve seen mortgage rates make a continued rise while inflation rates reached the highest they’ve been in over 40 years, making it more difficult for anyone to purchase a home at an affordable rate.

    But over the last four months or so, we’ve seen some trends that indicate the market is cooling off.

    What does this mean for buyers?

    We’ll discuss that and more in this week’s article.

    Recently, I’ve been watching a ton of Chael Sonnen’s videos from his YouTube channel. For those that don’t know, Chael Sonnen is a retired MMA fighter. Chael is the founder and owner of his promotion company, Submission Under Ground. I’ve been a fan of Chael for a long time now, mainly due to his role in helping bring the UFC to the level of its current level of prominence. If you’re an MMA enthusiast or a fighting fan in general, you’ll want to check out Chael’s channel.

    The David Greene Team and The One Brokerage team are actively seeking candidates to fill the positions of loan officer, remote transaction coordinator, and full-time assistant. If you’re interested in joining a team of professionals with a passion for real estate, apply to be a part of our team here.

    Analogies are one of my favorite ways to explain a concept. I’ve always felt that the more ways you can explain a certain topic, the more people can understand that topic. Using analogies is a great way to connect and grow your audience. Take a look at this video of some of my favorite analogies.

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