Behind the Shine 8/19/22

    For the first time ever, I’ll be hosting a retreat for real estate investors just like you. You can secure your spot now! This is right for you if you want to:

    • Be mentored directly by me on how to invest in RE, find deals in plain sight, and deploy capital for maximum results
    • Learn high-level Long Distance Investing, BRRRR, and negotiating techniques
    • Get direct access to information previously only available to David Greene Team Staff
    • Learn high-level negotiating tactics as well as what to look for to give you the leverage when negotiating
    • Learn what drives shifts in macroeconomic conditions, determines market shifts, and causes price fluctuations (so you can use this to your advantage)
    • Connect and make memories with like-minded, real estate investing, growth-oriented, bad@ss people looking to grow their wealth and improve their life
    • See what I’ve been buying (over 15 million in RE and $1 million in day one equity in the last 30 days)
    • For the first time ever, be walked through my deals as I show you how I applied the techniques I’m teaching to land them
    • and more!

    Are you really going to have to wait much longer to buy a house?

    Last week we discussed how consumer confidence in the housing market reached an all-time low, but with the recent spike in the housing supply, could this lack of confidence be rectified sooner than we all thought? Let’s find out more.

    Did you see last night’s YouTube live? I was joined by Christian Bachelder, from The One Brokerage, and Kyle Renke, from the David Greene Team. We covered a bunch of questions about the state of the market. With Kyle and Christian’s expertise and incredibly close pulse on the market, we were able to share exactly what we’re all seeing so you don’t have to wait around for lagging stats. Watch it here!

    I just finished reading ‘The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth About Extraordinary Results’ by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

    This book details how by focusing your energy on one thing at a time, you can live a more rewarding life by building your career, strengthening your finances, losing weight and getting in shape, deepening your faith, and nurturing stronger marriages and personal relationships.

    This book will help you cut the clutter in your life, achieve better results in less time, and help build momentum towards achieving this goal.

    If you’re a real estate investor or entrepreneur of any kind, this book is a must-have.

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