Behind the Shine 8/5/22


    For the first time ever, I’ll be live on my YouTube Channel discussing buying strategies that work in today’s market. Set a reminder in your phone right now to tune in TONIGHT 6:00 PST and see what I’ve been buying!

    In last week’s article, we discussed how buyers could be feeling some relief as the market begins to cool off.

    But between sky-high mortgage rates and inflation rates of the likes we’ve never seen before, what’s next for the U.S. housing market?

    We discuss that and more in this week’s article.

    For the first time ever, I’ll be hosting a retreat for real estate investors just like you. If you want to:

    • Connect and make memories with like-minded, real estate investing, growth-oriented, bad@ss people looking to grow their wealth and improve their life
    • Be mentored directly by David how to invest in RE, find deals in plain sight, and deploy capital for maximum results
    • Learn high-level Long Distance Investing, BRRRR, and negotiating techniques
    • Get direct access to information previously only available to David Greene Team Staff
    • Learn what drives shifts in macroeconomic conditions, determines market shifts, and causes price fluctuations (so you can use this to your advantage)
    • Learn high-level negotiating tactics as well as what to look for to give you the leverage when negotiating
    • See what David has been buying (over 15 million in RE and 1 million in day one equity in the last 30 days)
    • For the first time ever, be walked through David’s deals as he shows you how he applied the techniques he’s teaching to land them
    • and more!

    Click here if you’d like to join the waitlist for more info!

    Building wealth and freedom is the primary goal of every entrepreneur.

    But in order to achieve the levels of success of the most successful entrepreneurs, you need to adopt a specific mindset, and this means you’ll have to go through some mindset shifts.

    In a shifting market, mindset is more important than ever.

    Here are some shifts that will help you cultivate success.

    Remove Adverse Stimuli

    We all struggle with trying to impress others but if you want success, removing the external stimuli that can negatively influence you is your first step toward creating a game plan you can execute.

    Positive Reinforcement

    Remember to celebrate your wins, both big and small. This is huge in real estate and entrepreneurship in general because it helps you understand how much progress you’re making.


    We are exactly what we perceive ourselves to be, visualize your success and execute until you reach your goal.

    Strengthen the Weak Areas

    Become a master of your craft by doing a self-diagnosis of what areas you could improve on to help you become a more well-rounded, more desirable candidate.

    Embrace Self-Improvement

    Embracing self-improvement means you need to have an obsession with becoming successful. This means immersing yourself in your craft, networking with others in the industry, and aligning yourself with being the best version of yourself.


    Don’t rely on anything or anyone else to get the job done for you. It’s your dream and it requires your time, effort, and sweat equity.

    Don’t Let Fear Deter Your Freedom

    A lot of us are terrified of change, terrified of what could happen if we left our jobs, and terrified to take any risk. Rather than letting fear dictate your freedom, embrace the challenges, embrace the risks, and embrace the opportunities.

    Leadership Mindset

    You can’t live your whole life as a follower, if you want to be truly respected in your industry you need to learn to lead, inspire, and influence others around you.

    The One Brokerage team is seeking a highly motivated candidate to fill the position of a loan officer. If you’re interested in joining a team of professionals with a passion for real estate, apply to be a part of our team here.

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