Behind The Shine 9/15/23

    Get ready for the latest updates on loan rates that will empower you to make informed decisions in the dynamic world of real estate financing.

    No matter if you’re a homeowner, a first-time buyer, or a savvy real estate investor, staying up-to-date with current loan rates is essential. In this week’s update, we turn our focus to rates specifically tailored for primary residences in California, featuring a 20% down payment, $500,000 purchase price, a 30-year fixed term, LPC. The DSCR rate is tailored for an investment in California, featuring a 20% down payment, a 30-year-fixed-term, BPC. Are you ready to dive into the details? Let’s explore the rates for conventional, FHA, VA, and DSCR Investment loans, providing you with the insights you need to navigate the financing landscape effectively.

    Conventional: 7.750%

    FHA:  6.990%

    VA: 6.990%

    DSCR Investment: 8.250%

    If you’re in the market for a loan and need assistance, our team at The One Brokerage is here to help. Visit our website here to explore our loan options and find the right financing solution for your real estate goals and email us at to speak to one of our loan officers.

    Consider this market a house-hacking opportunity. Eliminating your housing expenses can open doors to better properties with lower initial investments. In many cases, you’re not sacrificing significant cash flow since it might have been elusive anyway.

    Reducing your housing costs can be even more valuable than immediate cash flow gains. Look for properties that can transition into rentals when you move out, especially as rents tend to rise over time.

    This strategy is sound and worth exploring. However, if it doesn’t align with your plans, focus on properties that are likely to appreciate in the long run compared to other options.

    While cash flow is desirable, if it’s hard to find, prioritize properties in promising locations. These may not offer strong cash flow initially, but their potential for rent and value increases can compensate in the future. Location becomes your asset when cash flow is scarce.

    Don’t forget to set a reminder in your phone that I’ll be on YouTube live tonight at 5 PM PST with Kyle. We’ll be talking about the United States savings crunch.

    Come join and ask us questions!

    Step into a thriving community where kindred spirits unite with a shared mission: achieving financial freedom through the dynamic world of real estate. Prepare for an immersive journey beyond the ordinary and venture into an unparalleled realm offering transformative tools, expert mentorship, and unwavering camaraderie from fellow trailblazers.

    Whether you’re a seasoned pro conquering new heights or an eager learner seeking wisdom, your unique path thrives within the Spartan League. Immerse yourself in tailored coaching, personalized strategies, and priceless insider insights that will revolutionize your real estate approach.

    Embrace the unyielding spirit of a Spartan, connect with fellow high-achievers, and embark on an evolutionary expedition into uncharted realms of success. With the Spartan League, we pioneer new frontiers and redefine the boundaries of real estate excellence. Join us in shaping the future of financial prosperity.

    Check out this clip from our most recent mastermind call where we had soccer moms and multi-family investors Denise and Breanne join to tell us about their journey and their partnership through their real estate investing careers!

    It’s important to acknowledge that many of us are facing similar challenges, especially in the quest for good real estate deals. But what defines a “good deal?” Think of it like searching for a partner when you’re single – you’re looking for the best match among your available options.

    When it comes to real estate, the perception of a lack of deals often means there aren’t any as outstanding as what we saw a few years back. However, it doesn’t imply that there are no good deals at all. Comparing real estate to other investment avenues such as stocks, bonds, treasury notes, bank savings, certificates of deposit, cryptocurrencies, or NFTs, it still stands out as a solid choice. In fact, real estate continues to shine, attracting significant capital for this very reason.

    So, stay optimistic and don’t be disheartened if you’re not finding the same level of cash flow as before. Adjust your expectations and remember that real estate remains a reliable and rewarding choice amid a sea of alternatives.

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