Behind the Shine 9/2/22

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    Don’t forget to set a reminder in your phone that I’ll be on YouTube LIVE, tonight at 5pm PST! I’ll be talking about my latest deal, what’s going on in this crazy market, and how to develop “real estate goggles.” Come join and ask me questions!

    Last week we discussed how the majority of people believe we’re in a recession and the effects that has on the real estate market. But despite the overarching consensus that our country is in economic turmoil, home prices saw their biggest decline since 2011 in July. So what does this mean for the current state of the real estate market? Find out more in this week’s article. We will be referencing this article from CNCB.

    I recently learned something that benefited me so greatly, I want to share this secret with you.

    The lesson is simple.

    Growth is often messy.

    Currently, I have several new assistants on my real estate team and we are surely busier than we’ve ever been, which is GREAT.

    But with any business thats hiring new people, these new employees ARE going to make mistakes as they go through the learning curves of your business.

    Sometimes I find myself trying to correct a mistake BEFORE it happens, and sometimes I’m successful in that. But most of the time, a mistake still happens and we fix it from there.

    Contrary to the popular belief, mistakes are the best way we learn. Once we do something wrong we have the ability to analyze the situation and pivot for a solution moving forward.

    Understanding our mistakes is how we grow.

    Think of it this way.

    If you’re out of shape, you probably don’t realize you’re out of shape until you try and walk up a flight of stairs or engage in some sort of physically demanding activity.

    So when you’re in the workplace and you make mistakes, think of it as growth. Look at any mistake as an opportunity to learn and getter better.

    Let’s face it, no matter how successful your business is you’re going to make mistakes, your employees are going to make mistakes, and even your clients are going to make mistakes.
    But a test of a truly resilient business is how you weather those mistakes and chart your path forward.

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