Behind the Shine 9/30/22

    The goal isn’t just to replace your W-2, the goal is to replace your W-2 AND build your Financial Fortress.

    You’re living amid “The Great Resignation” where people all over the world are quitting their day jobs in search of financial freedom, flexibility, and fun. 

    Each day there’s a new travel blogger boasting about their ocean-front cabana or new car, or a marketer telling you that if you just execute their “simple strategy,” you’ll be rich before you know it. 

    We buy their courses, join their masterminds, and execute their strategies with the hope of building wealth and creating the financial freedom we need to quit our day jobs. But in the end, it’s not our wealth that gets built… it’s theirs.

    It’s time to flip the script and put your wealth first. It’s time to put your future first. 

    I’m going to tell you how I built the Financial Fortress that allowed me to quit my W-2 job and live with complete freedom. The get-rich-quick strategies don’t work, and how I built my Fortress was by diversifying my skill set, income, and approach to wealth building. 

    Now, I’ve gotten a proven playbook to build cash flow and wealth that stands the test of time.

    The David Greene Mastermind: The #1 Mastermind to Truly Build Wealth

    You know how much I love analogies! I have a good one for you today.

    In basketball, there’s a concept called a four-point swing.

    So imagine that you’re on a fast break and you got a wide-open layup. You miss it. The other team gets the rebound, they throw the ball to the other side and then get an open layup.

    It’s not that they score two points. It’s that you lost two points and they score two points equally, a four-point swing.

    That’s like the worst thing that can happen.

    The same is true if you don’t house hack.

    Not only are you not raising rents on your tenants, but you are having them raised on you.

    That doubles the impact of the power of real estate, but it’s working against you.

    When you own the asset, you’re getting the four-point swing in your favor. 

    Don’t forget to set a reminder in your phone that I’ll be on YouTube LIVE, tonight at 5pm PST! Come join and ask me questions!

    Since July, home prices have been steadily declining as the market cools down for the first time in two years. According to Redfin, there are 10 U.S. cities in which the housing market is cooling down the fastest. Check out what those 10 cities are in this article.

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