Can Remote Work Benefit Homebuyers?

    In last week’s article, we discussed the importance of using a listing agent to sell your home. This week, we will reference Keeping Current Matters, “Remote Work Trends Mean Flexibility for First-Time Homebuyers”. In this article, we will go over the advantages of remote work from a real estate perspective.

    A few highlights from the article:

    • Remote work can provide the flexibility to purchase a home in an area you like
    • Work from home opens up your housing search 
    • Broadening your housing search can lead to more affordable homes

    Is remote work here to stay?

    According to a recent report done by Ladders, “25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by the end of 2022, and remote opportunities will continue to increase through 2023″. The reality is that remote work is not a fad of COVID-19, but rather a new normal for the workplace. Remote work has grown in popularity amongst employees and employers, with studies to show that productivity is not reliant on in-person work. Furthermore, remote work is projected to continue to increase in the coming years. 

    Why we think remote work is a great opportunity for homebuyers

    In this paragraph, I will be going over why we think remote work is beneficial when buying a home. First of all, the biggest advantage to remote work is the freedom to live anywhere you please. More often than not, clients’ main concern on location is, “How far is this home from my workplace?”. When you work remotely that concern is no longer a part of the equation. Rather, it becomes a pro to their situation because they gain flexibility with location. 

    The flexibility that comes with remote work also broadens your search so you can explore more affordable options. In today’s low supply and heavy demand market, it’s not easy to be the winning offer. More often than not, buyers are having to waive inspections and offer above asking price. Remote workers have the freedom to live in a place of their choice and look in an area with more affordable options. 

    In conclusion, the real estate related perks that come with remote work are worth capitalizing on. 

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