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    Behind The Shine | 1/28/2022

    In case you missed it, my TedX Talk, “How To Succeed At Doing Anything” is now LIVE on YouTube!  This was a great opportunity and...

    Behind The Shine | 1/21/2022

    My TedX Talk, "How To Succeed At Doing Anything" is now LIVE on YouTube!  This was a great opportunity and I was humbled by...

    Behind The Shine 12/2/22

    The latest Case-Shiller report found a 2.2% price decline in U.S. homes since June which means that we've moved into the second biggest home price...

    Behind The Shine | 2/4/2022

    My new website,, is now LIVE! This is where you'll find what I'm up to including: How to invest with me How to buy...

    Behind The Shine | 3/11/2022

    The Russia-Ukraine War has been absolutely devastating to so many people and my heart goes out to everyone who's being impacted. While this is...


    Behind The Shine 6/23/23

    Let's dive into coastal markets like California and the Pacific Northwest. It's interesting how one buyer's decision can trigger a domino effect. When interest...

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