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    The #1 Reason Newbies Never Land Their First Deal (That No One Talks About!)

    I want to be frank with this article. It’s written to a very specific type of member on BP. We all started off like...

    Are You Sabotaging Your Wealth-Building Potential by Doing Too Much?

    Like many of you, when I first started investing, I did everything myself—new door locks, landscaping, cleaning, dump runs, you name it. If it...

    GSD Mode Interview


    Are Fears of A Recession Exaggerated?

    In last week’s article, we discussed inflation and whether or not it's a good time to buy a house. In this week’s article, we’re...

    The Downside Of Appreciation And Equity Growth

    I am a huge advocate of the buy and hold model because it pays you in 5 ways:1. Cash Flow2. Appreciation3. Tax sheltered income4....

    My Favorite Economic Chart

    As I continue to educate myself on real estate investing and the macroeconomic universe of which it is a part, I have found myself...

    3 Ways Real Estate Investors Can Have Their Cake & Eat It Too

    The Cambridge dictionary shows the following definition for the colloquialism have your cake and eat it too: “to have or do two good things at...

    The Power of The Buy & Hold Model: A Team Of 5 All-Stars

    Our article from September 29th entitled Choosing The Right Real Estate Investment Model walked you through the various ways to earn and build wealth...

    We Are All Athletes

    Guest Post Over the next several weeks, I will be having a guest contributor publishing articles on my behalf.  Nate O’Neil is a former Division...

    Interview with House of FI: The BRRRR Method of Building Wealth with Real Estate

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