Cove Court Rehab-Phase 4

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    Welcome back to the Cove Court rehab project!

    So far, the project is starting to take shape as significant progress has been made on the design. I’ve included pictures of the new tile, shower, cabinets, painting, and demo work that has taken place since the last post.

    The majority of the recent work has taken place in the kitchen and bathrooms. The travertine tile has been laid (and will soon be sealed and stained) in the kitchen, guest bathroom, and master bathroom. The tile was chosen for it’s mediterranean look and the sharp contrast between it and the dark laminate.

    The guest bathroom shower was ripped out and a new surround was built above the tub. The tile in the shower surround will match the travertine and a darker tile accent piece was placed in the middle. A new shower door along with new fixtures and faucets will be added later.

    The new cabinets were hung in the kitchen.  In addition to the cabinets that were hung, I also rebuilt the island bar with the same style cabinets as well as the drawers under the counter top.

    These same cabinets were installed in both the guest and master bathrooms, as well as the laundry room. The total cost of the cabinets was a little under $7,500 for materials and $1,000 for installation. I was able to get a discount on the cabinets by buying the granite, flooring, and sinks from the same store as the cabinets.

    Cabinets need to be custom measured and built to order. I left that in the capable hands of my contractor who only needed one revision to get it right.

    I chose a granite that would help pair the light travertine tiles with the dark mocha cabinets.  The granite was installed in the majority of the kitchen as well as the master and guest bathrooms. I was able to negotiate a price of $325 a slab for the granite, and needed a total of 6 slabs to do the kitchen, duel level island bar, and both bathrooms.

    I have yet to choose a style for the kitchen backsplash and will likely be looking for economically sound options as I’ve added a few items to the budget I wasn’t planning on and don’t want to do more damage than necessary.

    I chose a duel stainless steel sink option. The sink is in-laid under the counter tops as this style is newer and more desirable.

    The dark mocha laminate was placed in the family room leading up to the tile in the kitchen.  The flooring was purchased for $2.75 a square foot and installed for $1.25 a square foot.

    Hot mop was placed in the master shower to prepare it to be built. The hot mop is what prevents water from leaking underneath the tiles and ensures the shower will stand for a very long time.

    Canned/Recessed lighting was built into the master shower, guest bathroom, and kitchen.

    Stone was chosen for the fireplace.  The installer quoted me $600 for the materials and labor.  After some negotiating, I got him to agree to do not only the fireplace, but the whole wall for a total of $1,000. I’m excited to see how it turns out!

    The house is shaping up nicely and I’m excited to see it come along. We are picking out the pressure treated plywood for the dock, having the deck repainted, cleaning up the landscaping, choosing a stain for the hall cabinets, and deciding on a carpet color. Still to be decided are the master bathroom shower materials and fixtures, as well as if I will also add rocks to the fireplace in the master bedroom.

    Stay tuned for more information on this exciting rehab!

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