How to Find Opportunities Hiding in Crappy Situations with David Greene

    David Greene shares how you can identify valuable opportunities in any situation you find yourself in–even the crappy ones.

    You’ll Learn:

    1. How difficulties often indicate valuable opportunities
    2. Why analyzing your anxiety often yields valuable insight
    3. David’s salad story which reveals how to 8X your efficiency on certain tasks

    About David

    David Greene is the co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast, author of “Long Distance Real Estate Investing: How To Buy, Rehab, and Manage Out Of State Rental Property,” online blog contributor, Keller Williams Rookie of the Year, and a top producing real estate agent in Northern CA.

    As a former police officer who started investing in real estate in 2009, David has built a portfolio of over 30 single family homes, as well as shares in large apartment complexes, mortgage notes, and note funds.

    David teaches free monthly seminars on real estate investing and has been featured on numerous real estate related podcasts. He runs, a blog where he teaches others to build wealth through real estate, as well as “The David Greene Team”—and is one of the top Keller Williams agents in the East Bay.

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