The Simple But Profound Secret to Long-Term Investing Success

    “How can I invest in real estate with no money and bad credit?”

    I’ve got to say, I’ve noticed this too, and it always makes me cringe.

    Whenever I feel this way, I ask myself why I feel this way. Usually I can come up with an answer. In this case, I realized pretty quickly why questions like this bother me so much.

    You see, it’s not the fact that people want to succeed in real estate. That is an awesome thing. I want to see as many people succeed as possible. This is why I’m on the blogs, in the forums, and answering questions sent to my inbox. The question I ask myself is, why are there so many people asking that same question? Having no money and no credit is basically being at an extreme disadvantage and trying to win the game anyway. It’s possible, but why on earth would you choose to do it that way? And if you are held back by things like no money or bad credit, why isn’t your goal…

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