Zillow’s Risky 1% Down Payment Plan

    Have you heard about Zillow’s new plan to address the housing affordability crisis?

    Zillow Home Loans announced its 1% Down Payment program, initially being offered in Arizona with plans to expand to other markets. While this sounds like an INCREDIBLE solution, that doesn’t mean it comes without risk.

    According to Zillow’s press release, “Most markets are in the midst of an affordability crisis, and saving for a down payment remains one of the biggest barriers for many potential home buyers.” While this is very true, here’s the issue with these low down payment mortgages.

    Rarely have we seen low down payment loans be beneficial to the buyer. With these programs, the provider is typically not looking out for YOUR best interest but more importantly to them, they’re looking to benefit off of your decision to participate in their program. 

    If you have trust built with your realtor, lender, or insurance agent, reach out to them to learn more about these programs and listen to what advice they may have regarding your financial position and thoughts on why you may not want to participate in them.

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